Crash Course Economics

What is Subordinate Financialization? with Ewa Karwowski

November 09, 2020 Ewa Karwowski (University of Hertfordshire) Season 2 Episode 3
Crash Course Economics
What is Subordinate Financialization? with Ewa Karwowski
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Ewa Karwowski will guide us through ways to quantify and recognize financialization in the global south. Also we will discuss why this particular theoretical frame may be useful to look at contemporary issues that developing countries face and how it is related to structural issues.

Ewa Karwowski (University of Hertfordshire) is focused on the operations of large corporations, particularly how firms' behaviour has changed in a financialised setting. Her expertise centers on finance, financialisation and development.


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Introductions Sara and Rodrigo
Start presentation by Ewa Karwowski: What is Subordinate Financialization
Definition of financialization, and subordination
Distinctiveness of DEEs experience
Financial Liberalization
Consequences, financial inflows, portfolio inflows
Reserves are costly!
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Debt Liabilities
Further Reading, some clarifications (sterilisation by Central Banks, costs of lending)
Q&A: Financialisation vs democracy and democratic order, privatisation
Q&A: National economic elite in Global South
Q&A: Deregulation , disaster capitalism, current prospects and the counternarative
Q&A: Bretton Woods 2.0 and Green New Deals: how to finance those?
Q&A: Dependency of the USA on Third World countries
Q&A: Financialization and exploitaiton, and climate crisis
Q&A: Logics of financialization: Central Banks, Foreign exchange
Q&A: Why 'Subordinate' Financialization? & FDI and household debt
Wrap up by Sara